Young Again Cat Food

Like her larger cousins in the wild, your cat is an obligate carnivore and by definition has no nutritional requirement for starch/carbohydrates or plant proteins in her diet. When a feline doesn’t eat her natural diet – meat and fat, she can become overweight and at risk for many diseases that can dramatically shorten her life. Young Again 50/22 Premium High Protein Cat Food uses only 100% meat protein with no grains, glutens, plant proteins or cheap fillers that may add unnecessary carbohydrates/starch. Cats love the natural meaty flavor of our food. It’s not only a great food for your cat; it’s also a great value.


Young Again cat food 50/22 Premium High Protein  Cat Food may help your cat:

  • Build lean muscle at the expense of fat
  • Free choice feed and eat less
  • A satisfied cat has more energy and a friendlier disposition\
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Maintain a healthy urinary tract
  • Highly digestible protein and fat for a cleaner litter box
  • Soft, kitten-like fur you love to touch

Insect protein is a complete, clean and sustainable alternative to meat protein!

Catit Nuna is a premium cat food, and the perfect alternative to unsustainable meat-based foods. Easily digestible and extremely palatable, this revolutionary dry food is loved by cats and offers an opportunity for us cat lovers to make a difference.

Not only do our recipes include clean insect larvae, rich in healthy protein, they are packed with a variety of superfoods. In short, Catit Nuna sets a new standard in premium cat food.

Perfectly balanced nutrition

In many cultures worldwide, insects are on the main menu, simply because they’re so delicious, beneficial and sustainable! Catit Nuna combines this great protein source with loads of healthy ingredients, for a complete and balanced cat food. Wholesome for your cat, and for the planet.

Chock-full of nutrients

As carnivores, cats need a protein-rich diet to stay healthy. Catit Nuna includes whole Hermetia Illucens grubs, a true superfood bursting with protein and many other nutrients such as vitamins, omega 6, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and minerals. Our grubs are carefully dried into a fine nutritious flour before being mixed into our recipe.


Supports Cats’ Natural Grazing
In the wild, cats ate multiple small meals throughout the day. With dry food, you can leave their food out for your young again cats food to instinctively graze upon. This is not possible with wet food, which would spoil if left out too long.

Helps Promote Dental Health
Chewing hard kibble may help prevent plaque and tarter buildup on teeth. However, whether you feed wet or dry food, you can maintain your cat’s dental health with regular teeth cleanings by your veterinarian.

Easy and Economical
A bag of dry food typically costs less than the equivalent amount of meals in wet food. And, one bag can last a while. So, it can be a good option for cat parents on a budget.

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