What is fitness passport ?

What is fitness passport.

Your membership will continue to exist after these restrictions are lifted. If you wish to continue the suspension after these restrictions are lifted, please contact us for new dates.

An announcement for this date can be found on our FAQ page.
Registration for fitness passes is open at WSLHD and we’d love to have you registered.
There were already hundreds of people on board – not bad considering registrations only started two weeks ago. If you haven’t registered yet, please register now. Better yet, bring a buddy along and get ready.
Here’s how it works: Please visit our intranet first for more information on how to sign up.
Upon completion, you will receive a fitness passport. You have access to over 400 gyms and swimming pools in NSW.
Membership allows access to all 400 objects. You can visit different sites at will.
If you head to the Central Coast for work, you’ll find the Fitness Passport gym and pool there. From Broken Hill to Coffs Harbour, gyms and swimming pools are ubiquitous and require a Fitness Pass member to enter.
Popular chains like Fitness First, Anytime Fitness, and Crunch have properties listed. Make sure to check the various locations to make sure the places you want to visit are available.
More information on family memberships, what to do if you already have a gym membership, your rights and what activities are covered.
The application deadline is Friday, March 17. Don’t miss it. do it now.

You are generally eligible for Fitness Passport membership if you:

• Pay directly to WSLHD.

• Permanent WSLHD full-time staff

• Permanent part-time WSLHD staff

Generally, you are not eligible to apply if you fall into one of the following categories:

• Employment agencies and workers

• rescue team

• Relax in comfort

Workers whose contracts have expired and are working without a valid contract.

• Any employee not working for WSLHD.

The Fitness Pass is the first step in WSLHD’s employee wellness program, and others will follow throughout the year.

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