Tornados Food

Tornados Food

Formerly a food cart in the parking lot, Ana’s Casita can now be found inside the 76 station at 43rd and Rucker. The sign above the kitchen reads Ana’s Mexican Cuisine while the menu reads Ana’s Taste of Mexico. Don’t worry which of these three names is correct, just figure out what to order. It’s a small menu, but it’s all delicious.

Ok, I’ll admit, I’ve only had half of the menu. It’s my favorite neighborhood Mexican takeout, though, so it won’t be long before I have the rest. My favorite so far is the three taco meal. I didn’t know when I ordered that it came as a full meal with rice and beans, that was a pleasant surprise.

So much great tornados food, you can barely see the plate.

Another nice surprise is the case of chicken and pork banh mi the gas station itself sells. Is it the best banh mi in town? Not by a long shot. But it’s good, and probably the only banh mi you can get first thing in the morning. It’s pretty great to have the option to eat banh mi for breakfast or pick one up for lunch later on if you have to eat at work.

A Vietnamese sandwich from a gas station that has a Mexican restaurant inside. Only in Everett.

2. Super Taco/Chevron


Everett’s other great gas station Mexican food comes from Super Taco, which shares little in common other than great flavor. Rather than just being a takeout stand, it’s a larger space with lots of seating. The surprisingly-large menu is spread over several signs around the room. They open early for breakfast six days a week, and even have horchata and milkshakes. They also offer lots of specials.


The police station is across the street, and there were ten or so officers who got there just before I did. I worried when I was told it’d be a while before they could even take my order, but the chef on duty darted around the room getting that group’s orders and somehow turned them all out in just a few minutes. Highly impressive. I was feeling thrifty that day so I got the 2 Super Tacos Adobada special, which is still on the specials board today.


I wish I knew about Super Taco when I lived in Silver Lake with no car. I’d noticed a shuttered Vietnamese place in the spot that’s now a Boost Mobile at the Texaco on 112th, but had no idea this good stuff was all waiting for me just down the Interurban Trail. Super Taco even offers a Hawaiiana torta; I’ll have to see how it compares to the one at Ade’s next time I go to Bed Bath & Beyond.

3. Jackson’s/Shell


That’s all I could find for food made on site in Everett gas stations, but a friend who knew I was looking said I should check out the Tornados at the Shell on Everett Avenue at Walnut. I had no idea what Tornados were, but always love an adventure.

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