Top 5 Online SEO Platforms

If you have an online business and are looking for an SEO platform that will help your site rank well, Serpstat might be the tool for you. You can do a few free keyword searches a day or upgrade to the paid version to get more advanced features. This tool pulls questions from the Google autocomplete results, allowing you to find topics and keywords that are relevant to your business. Its interface is easy to navigate and can help you come up with topic ideas for your content. It also allows you to track the interest of keywords over time with Google Trends.

Mangools SEO tools

Mangools is a set of premium SEO tools. These tools are designed to help you with keyword research and competitor analysis. They also come with features such as backlink suggestions and SEO metrics. The software also features a free 10-day trial. The Mangools SEO tools include KWFinder, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler.
SERPWatcher is another tool that offers a simple interface. It includes reports that show search volume history, referring domains, estimated number of visits, and top ranking URLs. The tool also allows you to categorize and save top backlinks. It also allows you to see which keywords are losing and gaining organic traffic.

Mangools’ premium plans come with five SEO tools. The tools include KWFinder, SERPWatcher, SERPChecker, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Mangools SEO tools will help you improve your site’s ranking in search engines.


SpyFu is an online SEO platform that helps online marketers track the effectiveness of their SEO strategies. It includes software, tools, and built-in resources that allow users to adjust keyword targeting and online marketing campaigns accordingly. This way, they can ensure that they target the right keywords and get more website traffic that converts into paying customers.

The program allows users to compare their own domain with competitors, and it has a feature to analyze which keywords should be focused on first. It can also be used to boost the rankings of individual keywords. The SpyFu tool also allows users to export visual reports of their keyword activity. The reports are easily accessible on any device, and they show a range of data.


SheerSEO is an online SEO platform that provides a complete analysis of your website. It has a comprehensive data dashboard, which shows you everything from the estimated number of clicks on a given week to the keyword rankings across the major search engines. You can also easily customize the results by country and language. The software also keeps track of historical data, so you can compare your rankings with previous ones.
The platform is also useful for monitoring your competition and identifying any SEO issues that may be affecting your website. For example, SheerSEO allows you to analyze your competitors’ backlinks and detect if they are beneficial. The software also monitors the number of outbound links and pageRank of each backlink. It also alerts you to any changes in these backlinks. In addition, SheerSEO also helps you develop new backlinks from relevant blogs and websites.


Ahrefs is an online SEO platform that provides a detailed analysis of your website’s SERP rankings. It can help you figure out which keywords are driving traffic to your website and which aren’t. The site crawl and keyword research tools are solid, and the company has recently added a content exploration facility. Moreover, the platform’s user interface is well organized and seamless.
Ahrefs also has a backlinks tool, which identifies and analyzes broken links on websites. It also shows you how many backlinks your competitors have and whether or not they’re high quality. This is useful when planning outreach campaigns or guest blog posts. Ahrefs also provides a keyword research tool to help you find the right keywords for your niche.


Demandwell is an online SEO platform that combines AI and human decision-making to produce optimized content for organic traffic and conversions. It unifies data from search consoles, analytics, and platform data to illuminate SEO performance, brand impressions, and traffic. With Demandwell, businesses can generate SEO content faster and more efficiently.

Demandwell’s analytics platform helps marketers track SEO in the same way as paid advertising. It includes an SEO keyword intelligence tool that helps marketers create content that ranks high in search engine results pages. In addition, Demandwell’s dashboard helps marketers measure their ranking progress over time and provides personalized recommendations. There are no more guesswork and no more trial and error.

Demandwell provides an extensive list of SEO tools for B2B SaaS marketers, including keyword intelligence, keyword research, and content creation. It also conducts comprehensive audits to identify critical issues and recommends solutions based on the results. It also provides growth reporting and analytics tools.

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