The Modern Society’s View On Beauty Standards

The Modern Society’s View On Beauty Standards

For most of us, the definition of beauty varies depending on where we are from or where we live. There is a famous saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, which is very true, because what one thinks is beautiful may not be so.

What is this to another person?

What is extremely ugly to some people can be very beautiful to others.

But with modern accents, I think the definition of beauty isn’t entirely subjective, it’s often objective. Not only do we see beauty through our own eyes, but we also see beauty through the lens of others. Most of all, what I like to see, so does everyone else.

Definition of beauty

Yes, we all have our own definitions and perceptions of beauty, especially when it comes to physical attributes. We all have our own preferences, prejudices, and even ideals for skin color, face shape, and height-to-weight ratio. And all of this is legitimate, normal, and acceptable.

people criticize each other

People criticize each other on social media platforms about how a person should look and how society’s “aesthetic standards” should be upheld, arguing that’s what society wants and ultimately what’s best for them. .

Others bravely oppose, welcome and defend those who seem to violate society’s standards of beauty. Even severely criticize those who follow religious norms to the point of ridicule.

Discussions continue. Or should we discuss it?

But what is society’s standard of beauty? Like I said, we all have our preferences. But I realize that most of these preferences are relevant to modern society. Today’s society tells us that  is subjective. This is what we hear and read everywhere. But in reality and in practice, we also think about beauty objectively. At the same time, we all regard the beautiful as beautiful and the ugly as ugly, regardless of color, shape and size.

I mean, no matter how different our thoughts are, we all have the same idea of what is beautiful and what is not.

We may have subjective preferences for our definition of beauty, but we all have an objective view of how beautiful someone is to us. We know and understand the beautiful skinny versus the ugly skinny.

So, in the modern world of social standards we live in, I always tell myself “cute is cute and ugly is ugly” when it comes to physical

I’ve left here a screenshot of a comment I posted on a video on my YouTube channel that I found interesting to watch. This video just confirms my belief that  standards vary but are always rooted in societal definitions. Of course, whether we admit it or not, we all love looking at beautiful faces and bodies.

The aesthetic standards of today’s society dictate that beautiful men are optional. So, in social media and the entertainment industry, we all see one thing…beautiful people, regardless of skin color, shape and size.Screenshot from BE BOSS TV YouTube channel titled 8 Kpop Idols Who Really Shattered Korean Standards.

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