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Seoul Food: The Best Korean Restaurants in Seoul

While you’ve probably heard of Korean barbeque, it’s unfortunate that many people don’t have much knowledge of how to eat it. But you’ve decided to take a trip to Seoul, which is lucky for you! Buckle in and get ready to experience some amazing food, people, and places in this great city. Between street foods, traditional restaurants, western dining options, and fine dining as well, dining Korean style may just be one of the highlights of your trip to Seoul. If you’re new to Seoul or maybe aren’t very adventurous with your food choices, this is a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and enjoy some of the best Seoul food!

Seoul Food – The Best Korean Food Districts in Seoul

South Korea has a rich culinary history and amazing food to offer, so while some may be tempted to stick to western-style restaurants while in Seoul, resist the urge to go with what is familiar and discover some truly magnificent dishes while in Seoul. The following districts will set you up with information on their style and the kind of food they feature, so you can decide which area would work best for you. While these are only a few of the neighborhoods that Seoul has to offer, it is also recommended that you explore a little and find your own secret, foodie spots. Seoul is a big city with great food and lots of opportunities to eat!

Experience the Best Seoul Food in Insa-dong

Culture and history are the main attraction in Insa-dong, which means great food choices for you as this area is popular with both locals and tourists. The main pedestrian street is lined with Korean restaurants and tea houses, meaning you can experience the best in traditional Korean food all in this area.

But if you are looking for street food in South Korea, then you have to make your way to Insa-dong as the variety and quantity of street food available to eat in this area is staggering. If you’re looking for a nice café to relax in, Insa-dong also has you covered as there are plenty of cute places to choose from. Get on the subway and head over to Insa-dong and be sure to go hungry!

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