Robot coupe food processor

Robot coupe food processor

Assemble the food processor.

Every brand of food processor is different. However, most models are assembled in a similar fashion. First, secure the plastic bowl to the electric base. Next, slide the blade into place. Wiggle the bowl slightly to be sure that everything is tightened into place.

  • Always keep the processor unplugged when assembling it or changing the blades.

Add your recipe ingredients.

Some recipes ask you to blend everything at once instead of adding ingredients one at a time. If so, you can add all the ingredients to the processor before closing the lid and turning it on.

  • If you’re adding liquids, make sure you don’t pass the “fill” line on the side of the plastic bowl.
  • Any hot ingredients should be cooled to room temperature before adding them to the food processor.
  • Chop large ingredients into smaller chunks to help them blend more easily

Process your food.

First, secure the lid onto the food processor. Most food processors won’t run until the lid is firmly in place. Next, begin processing your food. Most food processors have a “pulse” button and a “run” button. These buttons can be used to chop, blend, or liquefy food.

  • The “run” button blends things continuously. This button is usually used to create mayo, blend ingredients into a smooth soup, or create chunk-free sauces.
  • The “pulse” button is usually used to chop food. The processor will only run when you’re holding the button down. Press the button in one second intervals until the food is chopped the way you like it.
  • If your processor has more than two buttons, refer to your manufacturer manual for usage tips.


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