New Orleans Food And Spirits

Cajun cuisine uses less fish and more shellfish, pork, and game than Creole cuisine. While not always spicy, Cajun food is known for its unique use of many seasonings, including garlic, hot peppers, and filé powder. Soul food was created by the African-American descendants of slaves.

Perhaps more than anywhere else, New Orleans is a city filled with iconic dishes. Po’boys, red beans, sno-balls, beignets, and gumbo help define the city; many also serve as part of a restaurant’s identity and history, like the gumbo z’herbes at Dooky Chase or turtle soup at Commander’s.

Top 13 foods

Below, we list the top 13 foods that you need to try when you are in New Orleans, and they are gumbo, po-boys, jambalaya, red beans and rice, étouffée, muffulettas, oysters, turtle soup, beignets, chicory coffee, bananas foster, pralines and king cakes.

As you travel from stop to stop, your tour guide will explain the dishes that highlight New Orleans’ food identity and will share personal anecdotes about some of the city’s most famous restaurants and chefs.

Walk with us past famous landmarks such as the St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square.

Your personable guide will describe the beautiful architecture and intriguing history.

This outing is a great way to learn about what to eat in New Orleans.

Some of the food choices discussed (and possibly sampled) include:

  • Seafood Gumbo
  • Red Beans &Rice
  • Muffulettas
  • Jambalaya
  • Hot sauces
  • Seasonal Gulf Coast Seafood
  • PoBoys
  • crawfish/seafood boil
  • Pralines
  • Beignets

Other French Quarter Food Tours

Disclosure: While we think you should take our free tour, we understand it may not work for everyone, so we offer you some alternative options. While our recommendations are always unbiased, we may receive a small share of sales through some of the links below at no cost to you. See the full text.

There are several other French Quarter food tours you may want to consider.

Some of these outings cover the history of various cuisines in the neighborhood while others will include a lot of great New Orleans food.

No matter which tour you choose, you can expect to sample anywhere from 3-6 types of food in New Orleans.

Most outings include at least one example of both creole and cajun dishes.

These trips typically last for 2-3 hours, giving you plenty of time to become acquainted with some of the best restaurants and meals in the city.

Sidewalk Tours and Urban Adventures currently offer two of the most popular French Quarter food tours which include dishes such as po boys, gumbo, oysters, muffulettas, and even beignets.

For more information, please check this list of French Quarter food tours.

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