kihei food truck park

Food Trucks are the Definition of Island Life

kihei food truck park owners have it figured out. They can make their own hours, work till the farm-fresh food runs out, or the surf is up. This can make it hard to pin down a truck.

While most Maui food trucks work regular hours in regular locations, it is a flexible industry and family-run. Family emergencies happen as does the weather.

If you are about to drive across the island to satisfy a craving for oxtail katsu, I recommend you check their social media or give them a call to confirm they will be there for you.

Be warned, Maui food truck hours and locations change frequently. We work hard to keep this guide updated.Β Maui Fresh Streatery, by renowned local Chef Kyle can only be tracked through his Instagram account. Worth doing, by the way.

We provide contact information, website, hours, menus, and location(s) as they are available. Check out Yelp if you need more pictures of the food or the menu to make a decision.


Guide to the Maui Food Truck Guide

This Maui food truck guide is not just the 10 best food trucks on the island. It is a guide to Maui food trucks. You are hungry and want a place to eat now. You only have a few meals on Maui so you don’t want to get burned.

This guide is organized by the following sections to help you find your Maui food truck if you are near Costco or Kihei. If you are craving Hawaiian or Filipino. Jump to the section that is important to you to find a list of the best trucks on Maui.

🍍 Best Maui Food Trucks by Town

🍍 Maui Food Truck Parks

🍍 Maui Food Truck by Cuisine

🍍 7 Best Maui Food Trucks. Period.

You will find food trucks repeated in some sections. A food truck could be both Thai (cuisine) and in a food truck park.

Maui Food Truck Prices

Prices at Maui food trucks range between $12 to $20 a plate. They are typically a large portion of food as they come with sides. Splitting a plate is totally do-able. Erica and I usually split a plate plus an additional side or small plates, like poke or a taco.

I rate each truck on a price scale using dollar signs. This is tricky for food trucks as the price range is already tight. My rating system is if a single portion or plate will leave you full for the average price.

I’m a big eater so I expect a good-sized portion.

🍍 $ – $5 to $12

🍍 $$ – $13 to $20

🍍 $$$ – $21 to $30

For example, TaquerEATa serves $5 tacos. Two tacos will leave you full as they are big tacos. So $10 for two tacos is a single $ score on my scale.

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