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If you’re looking for a local quick-service eatery with all your American favorites, look no further. With its string lights, wooden accents, and even a panoramic photo of the Jacksonville skyline, Jumpin’ Jax House of Food (San Jose) makes you feel right at home. At the counter, we were greeted with big smiles and given the title “The Spiciest Pepper in the Bushel” that the friendly staff would later call out for our order.

The dining area has tables both large and small, and would be great for family get togethers, or even small events. We spied a milkshake bar in the corner, but I won’t ruin the surprise just yet.

Jumpin Jax House of Food

The menu had all the American classics you could wish for, so we decided to go for four staple entrees with modern twists (and yes, two were burgers, how couldn’t we?!): the “Air Thang” Burger ($9), the HOF Dynamite Burger ($9), The Caveman Pizza 10” ($16), and The Flippy Floppy ($10).

First – the BURGERS. The bread was melt-in-your-mouth and wasn’t too dry nor greasy. The patties were a great thickness, house-seasoned, and the meat was clearly of high quality. The side of fries were crispy and hand-cut. We ordered both burgers well done, however the Air Thang presented more on the medium side.

Speaking of the Air Thang Burger, look at the size of that thang! The pecan wood smoked bacon, sautéed mushrooms, and grilled onions barely made room for the rest of the toppings, but we are so glad they did. The drizzled American cheese and signature Jax sauce topped it off with just the right amount of zing. This is a great go-to if you’re looking for that classic, crave-satisfying burger to hit the spot.

Jumpin Jax House of Food

The HOF Dynamite Burger isn’t for the weak-of-tongue – it’s a spicy one! We definitely recommend ordering the jalapeños on the side if you don’t plan on ordering a glass of milk too. If you enjoy an occasional “see how long you can go without drinking water” challenge, this one’s for you. From the pepperoncini and roasted garlic, to the Sriracha drizzle and spicy garlic aioli, your taste buds will go on a roller coaster of spicy. Let’s just say it was no coincidence our order title was “The Spiciest Pepper in the Bushel.”

If beef and/or gluten isn’t your jam, don’t fret – they also have veggie patties, Beyond burgers, and gluten-free bun options.

On to The Caveman. We went with the thin crust. As a creatively-named meat-lovers pizza, this 10” pie was loaded with all the meats: pepperoni, sweet Italian sausage, bacon crumbles, beef, smoked ham, and grilled chicken. The house-made pizza sauce and JAX cheese blend was a win. However, the crust caught us by surprise as it wasn’t crispy, but rather on the softer side. If you like a variety of flavors and a meal that will fill you up quickly, this pizza is for you.

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