Island Noodles Food Truck

Island Noodles Food Truck

Come out to the Bauern from 1-8 PM to try out Island Noodles! Island Noodles consists of freshly made Yaki-Soba noodles containing hi-protein wheat, which are traditionally served in Hawaii. These noodles are stir-fried with fresh garlic, ginger, and a medley of 21 locally sourced vegetables, in specially designed wok stove units. The ingredients are then simmered in a secret light island sauce. The outcome is a unique, vegan dish with a high flavor profile using no dairy, nuts, or meat products. Teriyaki chicken is available upon request.

Food Types

All Things Grilled & Fried Asian Flair Authentic West Coast Mexican BreakFast anytime!! Burgers & More Coffee Time! Comfort Food Cuban Flair Fair Favorites Food you didn’t know you couldn’t live without! (random crazy treats) Food you haven’t even thought about!! Fresh Juices & Smoothies Gelato German Gourmet Dawgs & NOLA Snowballs Greek Gods Grill Masters (bbq) Guilt Free, Gluten Free Hibachi-San Home Cookin’ Indian Spice I Scream Jamaican Me Crazy! Kickin’ Chicken (all things chicken) Korean Fusion Korean Tacos & Dumplings Latino Food Lebanese Lemonade Lovers Loco for Tacos Oh My FRIES! Pizza is Life Pretzel Stuffed Both Sweet & Savory Sandwiches & Wraps Say Cheese (cheesy specialties) Sweet Treats Thai Oh My! Top Dogs (hot dogs, sausages, etc.) Under the Sea (Seafood) Vegan Eats Veggie Lovers (vegetarian) Vietnamese Fusion Waffle You Have! What’s Poppin’! You Scream…ICE CREAM.

Island Noodles

is a franchise that serves up wok fried soba noodles to the masses. It specializes in a blend of vegetables and, if desired, meats that are cooked outside in a giant wok and served up hot to the lines of people who are excited to find something off the beaten path where festival food is concerned.

This particular Island Noodles is based out of Greenville and the company only does festivals around the Southeast. Its set up is simple, its dishes are delicious and its ability to cook up something that tastes fresh and comforting at the same time has garnered them rave reviews from people all over the country including many who came through and found Island Noodles for the first time at the Jubilee.

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