Install CCTV cameras

Install CCTV cameras

Security cameras are a great way to keep tabs on things when you’re not around. However, if you’ve never installed a security camera before, you might think you know nothing about installing a security camera. Fortunately, once you know the basics of choosing the right equipment, choosing the best location, and actually installing it, installing a security camera is a breeze!

Choose a wireless camera to simplify the installation process. [1] Battery-powered cameras that use Wi-Fi to transfer images are the easiest to install because the hardware can handle them. and minimal wires. It’s also a good option if you only need 1 or 2 cameras instead of a large system. [2]
Images from these cameras are also stored wirelessly, usually in some kind of cloud. This means you don’t have to worry about setting up your DVR’s storage device.
One of the biggest drawbacks of wireless cameras is that they require consistently strong Wi-Fi to function properly. Because they are battery powered, their batteries also need to be replaced from time to time.

Choose a wired camera for reliable connectivity and power.

While these cameras are a bit more difficult to install, and they use wiring to connect power and storage, they are more reliable than wireless cameras. They are ideal for building video surveillance systems with a good wiring infrastructure, such as in a home or office building. [3]
Keep in mind that wired cameras are more expensive than wireless cameras due to the extra hardware.

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Get a camera system with alerts to notify you of any issues. Unless you plan to have someone constantly monitor your camera’s video feed, getting a notification when your camera detects motion is the only way to keep abreast of security incidents.

If using in the dark, be sure to use a night vision camera.

Otherwise, if the camera is aimed at a place with no light, it won’t record any activity there. This is especially important if you plan to install security cameras outdoors.
Note that night vision cameras may not be effective in bright light, so be careful not to install them near street lights or other light sources.
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Opt for a wide-angle camera for extra security. The wider the field of view, the more your camera can capture. For best results, choose a camera with a 180-degree lens or a camera with pan and tilt capabilities.

Use online reviews and suggestions to check the quality of your camera.

For best results, read 2-3 different review sites to see if a particular camera model has a consistent rating. If it has the same rating on multiple sites, it’s probably a consistently high-quality camera.
If you personally know someone who has purchased a security camera, ask them for advice too.

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