Inside a fashion photoshoot by Vicki Morgenstern

Inside a fashion photoshoot by Vicki Morgenstern

There are many elements to consider when creating a fashion photoshoot if you’re a Boston Makeup Artist. The first is the purpose of the photo shoots, namely paid editorials for published photos, or test photoshoots.

There is a difference between a beauty and a fashion photoshoot. Beauty shoots are close up and are known among makeup artists in Boston as a tight shot. Meanwhile, fashion photoshoots involve full-length, or wide shots per the same lingo.

The first step is to develop the concept. Ideas can come from any crew members, though usually from the photographer.

Many crew members are involved in making the images good and suitable for editorial publications, including makeup artists from Boston. A wardrobe defines an image. In my photoshoots, I developed and pitched the concept to photographers: Modern Bohemian, Grace Coddington inspired.

My Pinterest displayed images from Ms. Coddington’s tenure as Art Director for American Vogue. Before her departure, she was one of the most talented position holders, with an unerring eye. One of her editorials came across my feed, and I located more pages from her Vogue shoot.

Other elements inside the fashion photoshoot include the vintage wardrobe from the 60s. The wardrobe stylist translated 60s clothing into modern day bohemian style. Hence, the Modern Bohemian title given by to shoot by me.

The wardrobe stylist came from an artist’s agency. To accessorize the wardrobe the wardrobe, stylist used turquoise accents for jewelry and pressed on long nails. This is highly unusual that a wardrobe stylist could press on turquoise nails — a great ancillary skill.

The wardrobe included a white dress with a scarf at the neck, reminiscent of the sixties, with a matching blue sea foam top and bottom. The third look was is a red jumpsuit with peek-a-boo above the cleavage.

The hair stylist was wonderful. She too was able to translate the 60s into a modern image. She created a full bouffant for one of the models. The other model hair sported large waves.

Models for the makeup artist’s Boston shoot was one with long reddish blonde hair, very tall, very serious, who is on the New Faces Division at the modeling agency.

Inside any fashion photoshoot, new faces in modelling need portfolio images, so changing each shot diversifies models’ portfolios.

Our second model has long thick brunette hair, blue/green eyes, slightly curvier. This model was very expressive and able to give photographers a lot to work with.

Then we move on to me, the Boston makeup artist, and my contribution. I prepared the model’s face with IT full coverage moisturizing foundation for a smooth flawless complexion.

Elizabeth the model received Julie Hewett’s red lipstick in the Belle Noir shade. In my experience, these red shades are wonderful for adding subtle color image to a black & white outlook.

Linda, a well-known, avant-garde makeup artist from NYC, provided the lashes. I requested two pairs of lashes, one used in the Paris runway and the other used in the Milan runway. She sent very long dark brown lashes, suitable for either event.

The second model wore a combination of two lipstick shades from Pat McGrath. These were Beautiful Stranger, which is a soft rose, and the vibrant, orchid-like Beauty Junkie.  She also wore Julie Hewett’s Rouge Nour lipstick. I used a mid-length but voluminous full lash strip. I don’t mind full lashes, but they can sometimes obscure the eye shadow.

On the day of the shoot, the photographer took off with two models, a hair stylist, and a wardrobe stylist. They took shots all around a park in Boston, MA. The photographer was successful in having an online fashion magazine publish a series of images from Modern Bohemian.

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