How to Repair Your Laptop Screen?

How to Repair Your Laptop Screen?

If your laptop’s LCD screen is broken, cracked, stained or otherwise damaged, it’s not the end of the world! If you don’t have an accidental damage plan and don’t want to pay for repairs, you can usually buy a new monitor and repair it yourself.

Can you replace a broken laptop screen yourself?

If you have a warranty against accidental damage, get a professional screen repair.
If you have a subscription that covers screen damage, you can replace the damaged screen for free if you have it replaced at a covered service provider. Taking your laptop to an authorized technician ensures that your warranty or support plan will not be voided. Contact the manufacturer for the fastest way to replace the screen.
Even if you don’t have an accidental damage plan, you can still pay an authorized service provider for repairs. Unlike do-it-yourself repairs, this usually protects your warranty if the technician is authorized.

Most laptop LCD screens are easy to replace if you have the right parts.

While the exact steps vary for each model, you can usually find all the parts and tools you need online, along with helpful videos and manuals for your specific laptop. Note that replacing the screen yourself will void your warranty. If your laptop is still under warranty or on a support plan, check with the manufacturer to see if repairing it yourself will affect your warranty status.

With a MacBook, things are a little more complicated.

The steps to replace your MacBook display vary by MacBook model. Before attempting to replace a screen, please refer to the screen replacement guide for your specific model on and make sure you are familiar with all the steps and have room in your budget to install all the tools. Your Mac must be unlocked. Doing this repair will void your warranty.
You may want to buy the entire replacement screen assembly (including the laptop case), not just the screen itself. This requires disassembly of the MacBook, which requires special tools.
Because of the security features built into your Mac, you’ll need to buy the official Apple Digital version, as non-genuine versions won’t work with modern processors.

Special Considerations for Touchscreen Laptops

Since replacing a touchscreen with a stand-alone digitizer usually requires some extra steps, depending on the specific model, you can search the web for information on your specific model and find the appropriate instructions. on your computer.
Find the exact model of your laptop.
Many companies offer complete laptop screen replacement kits that include everything needed to replace the screen (no tools required). Before ordering the required parts, you need to know the exact model of your laptop.
PC: Press Windows key + R, type msinfo32, and press Enter. You can find the model number next to “System Model” (for example, “Inspiron 16 7610”).
Mac: Open the Apple menu, select About This Mac, and look for your model under OS Version.

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