How to maintain good mental health?

How to maintain good mental health?

Pay attention to your daily activities and stay in touch with your body, your emotions, and your sense of connection with all beings. Overcome your fears and desires by doing good to others and empathizing with their concerns.

Think about your beliefs.

Write what you think is true, and write a little.
If something bothers you, don’t hide it from yourself. Share with someone you trust and discuss your concerns together.
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Meditate and pray.

Prayer and meditation are activities you can do every day or several times a day.  Pray or meditate individually or in groups.
Join a prayer group at a place of worship.
Gather with yoga and meditation groups in parks and other natural places.

Take  monthly or yearly walk to reconnect with your spirituality.  To break free from your habits and gain new perspectives, go elsewhere and spend more time on your spiritual practice.
Enter meditation.

Travel with church groups.

Study major texts and modern requirements.

Try to read a little every day. Join a reading group or ask classmates to update you.
If you are interested in spirituality in all religions, read the texts of many religions.
Read scriptures and hymns inspired by the founding texts of your faith.

Spend relaxing time in nature. Communicating with the natural world through walking and hiking. Find a quiet place to sit and observe plants, animals, and clouds. Turn off your phone and let your mind calm down. Do not look at the text, do not take pictures.
Thank you for the beauty you see.
If you’re inspired, keep a journal with you and write something down.
Go camping and wake up, away from civilization.

Develop empathy for others. Develop compassion for all by paying close attention to those around you. . Increase your empathy for people you’ve never met — people on the street or people you read about in the newspaper. [2]
If you find yourself feeling contempt, hatred, or hatred for others, take a deep breath and try to see things from their perspective. Think about what they went through, what they were afraid of, what made them feel happy and safe.
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Express yourself creatively.

Creative exploration will improve your spiritual understanding. Making things uses parts of your brain that don’t reflect. Try singing, dancing, baking, decorating, painting, writing, and even gardening.
For inspiration, visit mosques, churches, temples and other places of worship for fine works of art, architecture or music.

Volunteer You can develop yourself by paying attention to others. Find a charity you care about and spend your free time on it. Check out local organizations that can use volunteers, organize fundraisers, or start your own volunteer group. [4]
Volunteer at a homeless shelter.
Free ESL classes for immigrants.

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