How to Install Microsoft Office 2007 ?

How to Install Microsoft Office 2007 ?

It will teach you how to install Microsoft Office 2007 on a Windows PC. Although Microsoft no longer sells or provides downloads for this older version of Office, if you get an Office 2007 installation CD, you can still install it. You need the 25-character product key that came with the CD to run the software. If you do not have a product key, you cannot register the software.


Purchase Microsoft Office 2007 on CD. Online purchase is not available as Microsoft no longer supports Office 2007. [1] You can purchase Office 2007 Home and Student or Professional Edition CDs from the online store. As of August 2020, many retailers sell physical discs on Amazon and eBay. You can also visit local computer stores that sell old software.
Before ordering Office 2007 online, make sure you receive a physical CD with a valid 25-character product key. Do not buy product keys separately from anyone as they are often stolen. [2]
Be sure to read seller ratings before making an online purchase.

Insert the Microsoft Office 2007 installation CD into the PC’s CD-ROM drive. If you have more than one disc, insert the disc labeled “Install” or “Disk 1”.

Press ⊞ Win+E to open File Explorer.

You can also open File Explorer by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting File Explorer.
Image titled “Installing Microsoft Office 2007 Step 4”
Go to your CD drive. If you see a CD-ROM drive in the right pane, double-click it to open it. If not, scroll down the left pane until you find CD drive under This PC or Computer, then click it to view its contents in the right pane.

Double-click Setup.exe to run it.

It is located in the root directory of the Office 2007 CD. This will launch the installation wizard.

Enter your 25-digit product key and click Continue.

This product key is usually on a sticker on the CD packaging, but can also be on the receipt (if you ordered online, check your email receipt). If you’ve installed Office 2007 on the same PC in the past, you’ll find the Office product key on the certificate label on the PC itself.

Accept Microsoft’s license terms and click Continue. You must check the box next to “I agree” to accept these terms.

Follow the on-screen instructions to install Office. This process may take a few minutes.

Click “Close” when the installation is complete.

Open Microsoft Word 2007. Now that the software is installed, you must register it with Office Apps Online. You can use Word, PowerPoint, Excel or Access, which you can find in the Microsoft Office 2007 group of the Start menu.

Activate Office 2007. Although you have already entered your product key, online verification is now required. Once your key is accepted, you can use all Office 2007 applications without any restrictions. Registration:

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