How to handle video games?

How to handle video games?

Video games are frequently mentioned in research papers. Unfortunately, many of the major citation methods have not yet established the specific format used when referencing video games. Typically, you will be asked to provide the same information you provide when talking about computer software. Include any information you deem necessary to give your readers access to the same games as you. The Modern Language Association (MLA), American Psychological Association (APA), and Chicago Manual of Style provide guidelines for formatting video game links.

Start your working set with the game name.

Enter the game name exactly as it appears on the game name screen. Use numbers without writing number words anywhere in the game. Pause after the game name.

Add version and platform.

For video games, the most important information is usually the version of the game and the platform you’re playing on. This gives your readers access to the same games as you, although they have to play it themselves to get what you’re talking about. Include the year the game was released. Separate the version, platform, and year with a comma.
Close any other information. At the end of the offer, include any information related to why you are offering the game. These can be designers, voice actors, or others who make games.
For example, if you discussed the music for the Fortnite game in your article, you could include the name of the author of the music in the Cited Work element: Fortnite. Battle Royale Mode, PS4 Pro, 2018. Toprak, Pinar, composer.
Cited MLA work format:

game names

Version, platform, release year. Provide additional information as necessary.

Use links in the text to direct readers to specific parts of the game. When discussing video game content in your article, links in parentheses in the text are generally not required. Your readers already know what game you’re talking about, and there’s no page or timestamp for you. However, if you want to direct readers to a specific level or area of ​​the game, you can use a link in the text. [4]
For example, you could write: “While Fortnite players only really brag about reaching the top level, Epic Games.

Enter a title and description for the game.

Using normal font, enter the title of the game as it appears on the title screen, using the same capital letters, symbols or numbers. Enter a space after the title and add the words “video game” in square brackets. Put a period outside the closing bracket. [5]
Example: God of War

Enter the year the game was released.

The game’s release year may be listed on the game’s title screen, but you can also find it online. Put the year in parentheses and a dot outside the closing parenthesis. [6]

Specify the publisher’s name and location. For video games, the publisher is the production company. Their name and headquarters location can be displayed on the title page of the game or found on the manufacturer’s website. Enter the location (city and state for US locations, city and country for all other locations) followed by a colon, then the name of the manufacturing company. Add a dot after the manufacturer’s name. [7]
Example: God of War
The name of the game is [Video Game]. (year of issue). Location: Publisher.

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