How to get girls to play video games?

How to get girls to play video games?

Many men are forced to give up their favorite consoles at some point due to the superior command of their female counterparts. You can avoid using proven game systems/friends’ social activities to gradually introduce loved ones to gaming culture and vice versa. Make gaming your favorite pastime for both of you! NOTE: There’s no guarantee she’ll like it. If she doesn’t, don’t be mad at her.

See if he has played video games.

She may not be a full gamer, but she may have played Mario games when she was younger. Maybe she likes to play online games now and then. Knowing about her gaming history will give you a better chance of finding a game she loves right now.

Think of it as quality time.

Remind your girlfriend that you can spend more time together if you both play video games. But remember, it only counts as quality time if she really likes it, so don’t try to get into arguments.

Disguise it as an exercise.

If you have Wii Fit, you can use video games as part of a workout you can do together. This is one of the best options for helping her find games that she not only loves but also wants to play with you.

Buy his video game items.

You can buy many stylish video game accessories. Tetris bracelets or Mario mushroom earrings are great options. trading. In the early stages of trying to get him to play video games, you may have to compromise. In return, invite her to take her out to dinner or watch her favorite romantic comedy.

Choose his favorite game.

She probably doesn’t like bad first-person shooters, so use your common sense.
Try to choose games or gaming systems that are not too cluttered and require less reaction time. Many non-gamers are shocked by the button combo.
Buy multiplayer if possible, or ideally co-op.
When choosing a game, consider your girlfriend’s personality. Some girls may prefer colorful games for all ages like Katamari Damacy, Bust A Move, Lego Star Wars, The Sims or almost any Mario game. Generally, girls prefer games with good features and dramatic storylines. Even a small fraction of these factors can make a game more engaging. Character games are the best storyline.
Do not watch games involving strippers, prostitutes and sex. If she doesn’t have a sense of humor about these things, she probably won’t like it.

Show him control.

Put your hand on it and follow the basic steps in the game to start it. Once his muscles get used to walking with you, you can start doing it yourself. Be patient, she won’t be in control right away. understand and support. When they first come out, let her know what she’s going to catch, especially since she might be disappointed at first. Make her feel like she can do it. May he win. Try not to show signs of anger. As she continues to play, she will get better and be able to enjoy the game on her own.

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