How to develop film on a disposable camera.

How to develop film on a disposable camera.

Find a store that sells disposable film. Search the Internet for a movie developer near you. Most pharmacies have a film development department that makes disposable camera film. There are also some supermarkets and photo studios. [2]

Take your camera to the store. You need a full chamber to process the film. Fill in the envelope with your name, contact details and the number of films you have made. Put the camera in the envelope and remove the removable label on the back of the film. When you’re done, you can hand the envelope to the staff or put it in the rinse box. [3] [four]
Your order number is written on the removable label. Be sure to keep it as you will need it to take pictures when it comes out.

Please allow 7-10 days to receive your photos. Depending on the scope of other processing work, it may take 7 to 10 business days for your photos to be returned. You should receive a call or email notifying you that your movie is ready for release.

Pay for printing. The cost of the photo will depend on the finish you choose, the size of the print, and the number of copies you order. You may need to pay in advance, but some stores allow you to pay at the time of the photo. Be sure to ask ahead of time so you know what to expect.
Photos with a matte finish are more expensive, up to $2.50 for a 10cm x 6in (15cm) photo.
Glossy photos are the cheapest, costing about $0.50 to print 4 inches (10 cm) by 6 inches (15 cm).
Larger sizes cost more, up to $4 for an 8″ (20cm) by 10″ (25cm) print.

Send the movie to the processor

Choose a film processing company that accepts film by mail. There are a number of companies that will continue to make disposable film for cameras. Search the internet for “film processing company” or “disposable film camera company” and submit your film. Most companies require you to register on their website before submitting a movie. [6]
Some companies that will accept your camera by mail include Kodak, York, and Clark Color Labs.

Print your own address labels and order forms. Depending on the company, you can print shipping labels directly from the website. You also have to print out the order and put it in an envelope. [7]
Some companies will send you a pre-addressed envelope at your request. Check the website of the company of your choice to see if this is an option. You can also call their customer support number.

Fill out the order form. On the order form, you can choose the amount of film to print. You also provide your name, contact details and payment details. [8]
Most companies accept personal checks or ask for your credit card information. You will need to enter your credit card number, expiration date, and possibly the security code on the back of the card.
The cost of printing will depend on the size, quantity and quality of the print. You can get glossy 4″ (10cm) x 6″ (15cm) photos for as low as $0.09 per photo, but each 8″ (20cm) x 10″ (25cm) costs up to $3 Dollar. 00 to print.

Take the package to the post office.

Once you have received your order and shipping labels, you are ready to ship the film. Label the envelope and place the order form and camera inside the envelope. You must then take the envelope to the nearest post office and pay the postage. [9]
Shipping costs up to $10 depending on delivery speed and your location.

Please note that it will take approximately 3 weeks for your prints to arrive by mail. Several factors affect the time it takes to restore a print, including how busy the processor is. You may receive a tracking email once your order is ready and shipped. [10]
If you are concerned about waiting times for prints, please call the customer service number for the company of your choice. They should be able to provide you with an update.

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