How to be a classic beauty?

How to be a classic beauty?

Wear classic clothes. Classical women never wear modern clothes. They wear classic outfits such as a simple black dress with flashy accessories, aviator glasses, colorful scarves or a pretty set of pearls. Remember Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ famous oversized glasses and timeless outfits. You don’t have to go back to the ’50s to expand your wardrobe whenever possible and learn to match your sophisticated style. (Some are very classic, but still retain their colorful, fun look.)

Gain the yellow skin stage.

Minimize makeup. With a little foundation, lip gloss, and mascara, you can go a long way. Learn how to get the best out of you.
Shoulder length hairstyle
Respect the natural structure of the hair. Always strive for a radiant and healthy look. Ask your stylist to find out which style suits your face shape and the easiest way to care for your hair. You don’t want to spend hours in front of the mirror.

Follow personal hygiene rules.

Keeping your nails and toenails clean and tidy, a simple French manicure is always beautiful.

Stay positive and happy.

A positive attitude is always good.
If something really bothers you, you can show it. But this classic beauty is known for being reserved, calm and always in control.

know what you’re talking about. Intelligence is the key. Refresh as many items as possible.

Black is what classic beauties wear all the time, but try other colors like red, white or green to accentuate its simplicity.

Find classic shades that work best with your skin and eye color.

Blue eyes: orange (complementary), dark blue, dark purple, light green, gray, white, black, teal (similar), blue-violet (similar), dark red. Colors to avoid: bright red, light green, bright pink, brown, light blue, any shade (color is visibly mixed with white).
Brown eyes: any pink, charcoal, any very dark color, yellow (emphasizes halftones in the eyes, despite its unusual reputation), greens (also halftones).

Colors to Avoid: No, brown is as neutral as any other color.

Green eyes: purple (it really brings out the color of your eyes), crimson (free-color green), dark blue, black, brown, off-white. Colors to Avoid: Gray, as it will dilute the natural hue of the iris and darken the color. However, if you have bright green or blue-green eyes, gray will look great. Yellows, bright reds (compliments can be shocking when both are bright), bright whites, oranges, and greens (would wash out your eye color).

Dark eyes: any color.

Red (post-exercise blue/pink shade) Skin: Cool (blue, violet, green, and all similar colors in between, including magenta), black, gray. Colors to avoid: yellow and similar colors, red (sorry) and white. Wear it with a dark orange or reddish-orange of your choice.
Lighten any warm or neutral colors (not pale/tan freckles). Avoid yellow, but gold can work well.
If you are African American or dark skinned, you can wear almost any color. Gold, however, is particularly beautiful.
If you have red hair, you can wear: Blonde, beige, coral, purple, dark or light green (avoid “Christmas green”) navy.

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