Hot Food Express

Food wells are commonly found in buffets and self-service lines. These items are made to hold large quantities of hot food while keeping products at safe temperatures. Here Cafco Services, one of the leading heating and air conditioning maintenance companies in Cincinnati, talks about the benefits, applications and buying considerations of hot food express.

The Benefits of Hot Food Wells

First and foremost, food wells allow you to display your business’ food selection for all your customers to see. By giving them a clear view, you’re encouraging them to explore the entirety of the available menu. Food wells can also be used at prep stations and chef tables in the back of the house. Most importantly, they keep your products at safe temperatures and keep you stay compliant with health codes.

Establishments That Use Hot Food Wells

Many commercial establishments can benefit from utilizing hot food express, including school cafeterias and soup kitchens. When it comes to hosting events, such as weddings and birthday parties, banquet halls need to be prepared to administer food services. In buffet-style restaurants, food often sits for several hours a day, which makes it necessary to regulate food safety.

If your business requires good-quality cold or hot food wells, contact reputable HVAC installation companies to guide you through all your options and help you find the type of equipment that best fits your business.

Hot Food Well Buying Considerations

Here are some features you need to consider before purchasing hot food wells:

  • Infinite controls, which include temperature knobs that range from “low” to “high.”

  • Thermostatic controls so you can choose individual settings at specific temperatures.

  • Digital controls or easy-to-read displays that make interfacing simple for any employee.

Whether you need to install a commercial cooler or hot food wells, perform an HVAC repair or improve your indoor air quality, you can count on our certified technicians at Cafco Services to deliver the excellent results you expect. Give us a call at (513) 653-7446 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.

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