Honolulu airport food

honolulu airport food

The food options are very few and nothing worth trying. They are all their incase you desperatly need something to eat and willing to pay double or tripple for the same food options off airport. Outside of security. If you have 20 min and $10 you can get a full breakfast. On arrivals level (baggage claim) at the main terminal facing the street go to your right past the last baggage claim H and out tje end of the airport. Past a shuttle and bus pick up area. Keep along the fence on the right and past a small smoking bench you will see airport and flight crews smoking under an umbrella. Straight ahead will be a opening in a fence to a large parking lot. There are 2 food trucks in the parking lot. There in the right side at the back of the lot will be a food truck i think name Angel who sells plate lunches for about $10. Baccon eggs breakfast witj rice is my favorite.

In side security if you are in the main terminal go down to the garden level in the triangle below gates 22. There u will see a employee cafeterias. Again the plate lunches are under $10 and they have hot breakfast eggs rice spam and plates. With french toast.

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“The United Club Honolulu International Airport front desk team is exceptional, particularly Colleen T. who not only retrieved for me my left-behind cell phone charger from my flight but also discovered a makeup kit that I also left behind. She returned it from the plane and delivered it with efficiency, warmth and professionalism that only an experienced customer service rockstar manages with ease and grace. Well done! Thank you, Bernice Glenn, 1K customer”

Food at Honolulu Airport

if you’ve taken cheapo option I’d definitely try eat up well before your flight. I remember going to buy one of hte basic sandwiches they had for sale on the flight, and they’d run out so the only option had something I didn’t like on it.Lesson learnt, this time eat before I go and have some back up snacks tucked away in my bag for on the flight!!Since its so early in the morning, nothing will be open before you leave for the airport either, so best bet is to stock up the evening. That early morning departure is depressing, I usually like taking a last walk around the block, viisit a shop and buy a drink or something, a farewell of sorts to my holiday destination. But that early morning flight means no chance of that…

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