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Most Delicious Halal Food Restaurants in Orlando Florida. Must Try!

With tourism on the rise, the “Sunshine State” has become a popular destination amongst Muslim travellers.

Many are attracted to Florida’s natural beauty and warm weather enjoying the many beaches and State Parks.

Many Muslims specifically visit Orlando in Central Florida,

because of the family-friendly theme parks like Universal Studios, Disney and Legoland to name a few. But Orlando is also home to many other attractions like the Orlando Eye, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and the House of Wonders. And then there’s the option to shop with Outlet Shopping centres and upscale malls like the Mall of Millenia.

For Muslims in particular, Orlando is home to arguably the most beautiful mosque in America, Masjid al-Hayy which recently opened its doors to worshippers.

Located in Sanford, on the northern tip of the Greater Orlando area, this mosque is worth the visit as it is a point of pride and inspiration amongst the local Muslim community.

Travelling to a new city can pose challenges when it comes to eating. Thankfully, there are many Halal food options in Orlando. These restaurants cater to all cooking traditions, tastes and budgets, so you’ll always find what you need.

We have made a list of Halal food restaurants in Orlando. This list provides you with a good starting point of Halal restaurants to explore as you travel across Orlando, also known as “the City Beautiful”. This list focuses on Muslim owned businesses who offer full Halal menus for visitors.

O’town Burger and Wings: The Best Halal Restaurant in Orlando

This Halal fast-food spot opened in 2016. The introduction of their chargrilled Halal Angus Beef burger revolutionized the burger game in Orlando. They raised the bar and earned themselves the top spot on our list “10 Most Delicious Halal Food Restaurants in Florida.”

Topped with the special secret Pink Sauce, the burgers taste heavenly. These have mastered the art of cooking meat.

They offer the burger as a quarter pound, half a pound or three-quarter pound and even a one-pound version.

Meat + Meat + Cheese = 🤤❤️

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