Food truck friday st louis

Food truck friday st louis

On the last Friday of the month from March through October, a gaggle of food trucks gather together in Jefferson City, bringing a variety of good eats and drinks from near and far to mid-Missouri diners.

Andrea Young, event planner and co-owner of Rebel Tacos, a food truck based in the capital, has organized the event since its inception in 2018. Food Truck Friday started small, with one or two trucks parked on Capitol Avenue, and that first Friday went so well that they did another one the following month and another one the following month – you get the picture. Today, Food Truck Friday only pauses when the weather makes it uncomfortable to operate and eat.

At each event, there are approximately seven trucks: five serving savory meals and two with a sweeter focus. One of the things that makes Food Truck Friday special, according to Young, is that it’s sometimes the only night of the month when you can find this fare locally. “We cater to independent food truck owners, not businesses that have brick-and-mortar locations and then trucks as extensions of the businesses,” she says.

Based in Moberly, Missouri, Zydeco’s Cajun Kitchen, for instance, makes the 65-mile journey south each month to serve its Southern-style dishes. “It speaks to the success of Food Truck Friday that they come all the way from Moberly,” says Young. “I think that’s fabulous.”

Ready PoppedEat. Crepe. Love.The Big Cheeze and, of course, Rebel Tacos are just a few of the Missouri food trucks that have made recurring appearances over the years.

Now, Food Truck Friday also offers a wide variety of beverages. While many of the staple food trucks sell drinks, Young says that especially when it’s hot, customers always crave more. Serendipity Coffee & Tea based in Linn, Missouri, brings a beverage cart to serve coffee, tea and other refreshments, and soon, a fresh-squeezed lemonade stand will join the crew.

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