Food terminal alpharetta

Food terminal alpharetta

Southeast Asian fusion restaurant Food Terminal is opening a third location in Alpharetta. The family-owned restaurant first opened in 2017 in Chamblee, and has another location in West Midtown.

The new space, at 6360 North Point Parkway, is the former home of Fuddruckers. Jane Ewe, whose family owns both Food Terminal and Sweet Hut Bakery, says once they get through the permitting process and finish construction, the restaurant should be open around January 2022.

Food Terminal specializes in Malaysian-style food, with dishes ranging from Chinese noodles and stir fries, to Indian roti, to barbecue pork rice and beyond. “Malaysia is such an ethnically diverse country,” says Ewe, whose family is Chinese Malaysian. “We have our own unique style of cooking that combines all the ethnicities and cultures that make up Malaysia. We have a combination of Chinese, Malaysian, and Indian recipes, each with their own unique ingredients, like strong Indian spices and Chinese marinades, and some ingredients shared across cultures, like pork belly.”

Inspired by the chefs’ personal cultural background, Food Terminal’s concept reflects Malaysia’s diverse culinary cuisine. Malaysian food draws influence from India, Guang Zhou, Hokkien, Teochew, and Hakka provinces due to the early 1900’s migration for tin and railroad labor demand. As such, Food Terminal’s menu features a high variety of Asian street foods with heavy emphasis on Malaysian cuisine. Food Terminal’s mission is to bring the most authentic Asian-style street taste and experience to Buford Highway.

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