Food steamer

Food steamer: A helpful addition to your kitchen for quick, nutritious recipes

Want to indulge your taste buds without cutting down on nutrients? Sounds difficult? Not anymore! Make the right choice and get your hands on the best food steamer in India. How? Read on to know more

“It is impossible”, were the exact three words that Priyanka Purohit, a working mom, uttered when a friend told her of the incredible things a food steamer could do. All her doubt-riddled questions were met with a positive response. Can I use it to cook vegetables? Does it make idlis? What about dhoklas? The answer – yes, yes, and yes!

Priyanka was thrilled. And, she is not the only one. Food steamers have come like a blessing in disguise for many working mothers and busy households. It not only saves precious time but can cook several food items within a single sitting.

The best part about food steamers is that they allow you to indulge in tasty and delicious foods without worrying about your health. More importantly, the taste of the prepared dish is not compromised for lack of oil. From steamed veggies to delicious idlis and soft dhoklas, food steamers are the ultimate solution for your kitchen and tummy needs.

What is a food steamer?

A food steamer is one of the most useful and practical kitchen appliances. It is a sealed pot with a set of tiers stacked one on top of each other. It is designed to cook food in the heat of the steam. In a stovetop steamer, for example, the steamer contains an insert that fits either into or on the top of a saucepan that is filled with hot water. The food that one wishes to cook is placed in the insert. After this, the perforated base of the insert allows the steam to surround and heat the food.

While using a food steamer sounds simple, it does require patience and a few cooking hours under your belt before your master this healthy technique.

Ananya Subramanian, a communications expert at a leading MNC says, “Food steamers are my go-to for my everyday needs when it comes to cooking. I can cook many food items without having to worry about the nutrient requirement of my family. What’s more, I have enough time to spare and am utilizing this free time to do other stuff, just the way I have always wanted to.”

The benefits of food steamers

A convenient way to cook food, food steamers provide the following benefits:

  • Saves time. Cooks food in a quick period and is easy to use.
  • Requires minimal supervision. Comes with a timer.
  • A healthy way of cooking. Locks in most of the nutrients and retains the natural vitamins and minerals successfully
  • Preserves the structure of the food. Veggies retain their structure and color.
  • Requires no oil to cook as it uses steam to cook the food.
  • Considered by many to be the healthiest cooking method.
  • Saves time, money, and effort.
  • Does not require much clean-up and is less messy compared to other cooking methods.

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