Food plushies

Collecting Your Food Plushies

Get a lot of gems. The claw machines are cheap, but because you don’t win every time, it can get expensive fast. Go to the Sol Arcade in Jamaa Township and try the following games to get gems fast:

  • Temple of Trivia – As long as the game is full or mostly full, you have the opportunity to earn up to 200 gems
  • Falling Phantoms – If you can get first place, you can earn a lot of gems. Gems sometimes pop up on the sides if you last long enough.
  • Best Dressed – As long as the game is full or mostly full, you have the opportunity to earn up to 200 gems. However, this game is tricky as there’s no way to be “good” at it, it all depends on what the people playing it like

Start collecting common  food plushies. The claw machine in the Sol Arcade is always a good place to start, and you can get all of the common plushies here. Each try only costs 5 gems, but you don’t win every time. At the moment, there are no glitches that make it easier to win.

Move on to collecting food plushies with accessories. These are the plushies that people will trade better items to get since they often take some time to obtain. Be patient while collecting these.

  • Keep playing a regular claw machine. Eventually, you will get a plushie that has some sort of clothing or other accessories that make it rare
  • Find a jammer who has “The Claw” or other plushie machines in their den. People can buy plushie machines, especially members. “The Claw” gives you the opportunity to get phantom plushies, and some claws offer plushies like eagles and goats that are rarer. Try going to a crowded place and asking “does anyone have claw machines at their den?” or something to that effect.

Make your den look nice. Consider buying some wallpaper, flooring, and tables (to put plushies on) that will make your store look prettier and therefore more appealing to visitors.

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