Food Easy Kawaii Cute Drawings

4 Top Tips for Creating Cute Kawaii Art

Simplicity Is Key

This is the best place to start: simply. Simplicity in food easy kawaii cute drawing is the key to getting that cute feel to your artwork. Overwhelming a character design or icon with details can change something cute to something that comes off as creepy. Too many details or something that approaches too much realism hits an area that’s similar to the uncanny valley in how it can be perceived as unsettling versus adorable and welcoming.

Let’s check out the illustration above. It’s incredibly simple and cute, and features kawaii colors. The little faces on the peas are tiny dots and a curved line. Note how devoid of additional features this design is. Noses, ears, and detailed eyes need not apply for simple, cute design. Little spots of blush, however, don’t overwhelm the design in any way and are more than welcome.

Additionally, you’ll notice how flat the design is. Flat colors, simple line work, and tiny features. It’s simple; it’s everything it needs to be and not a drop more.

More cute tips on how to do a design? Above is an example from How to Cute, a blog dedicated to illustrating how simple shapes or objects become cute (and kawaii especially). Note how everything can be done within six simple steps and minimal details.

2. Kawaii Colors and Palettes to Keep Things Cute

While all colors are a valid form of artistic expression, some color palettes are just cuter than others. A lot of this has to do with kawaii artwork having an air of innocence about it and having a lot in common with kid-friendly design and children’s media.

This isn’t to say, at all, that kawaii colors and art are for children only or aimed at children at all; it’s to say that they hold similar colorways and design sensibilities, and we’re going to make some notes about common color palettes that work well.

Rainbows, brights, and pastels are especially common amongst kawaii colors. Bright colors often work well for a variety of needs: cute fruits and candy, various objects, little delicious scenes featuring kawaii characters, and more. Since the artwork itself is often so very simple, vibrant colors are attention-getting, and using a rainbow of brights within a design makes cute artwork so much more adorable.


3. Soft Gradients and Flat Colors

We’ve got more cute tips about color. Building upon the idea of simple being better when it comes to cute art, flat colors are more than welcome in kawaii-style design. No need to go to great lengths to render artwork when you can simply go for a thick outline and flat colors, or even some cel-shading to add a small bit of depth to a design.

If a higher variation in color is needed, whether it’s a traditional or digital work, consider soft gradients, like the glow of this adorable sun, as a good guide for keeping artwork cute while adding some additional details. Soft gradients won’t overwhelm a design and will keep things sweet and friendly without adding a harsh light source or making a design overly realistic.

4. Rounded Shapes and Corners

Another thing you’ll notice the more you look at kawaii-style design is how devoid of sharp edges it really is. Again, this is something it has in common with design meant for children or young people: cuteness is often rounded. It gives the adorable food easy kawaii cute drawing animals and objects the look of being soft, squishable, or even huggable.

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