Food brand since 1922 with a Chinese character


Food Brand Since 1922 With Chinese Character

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  • February 11, 2022

Food Brand Since 1922 With Chinese Character; US Foods (formerly known as US Foodservice) is a United States-based foodservice distribution firm. Prior to its initial public offering, US Foods was the ninth largest private corporation in the United States. Several US Foods companies were started in the nineteenth century, including a gold rush supply company in the 1850s. US Foods .

Prior to 1993, the corporation was known as US Foodservice. We sell fresh meats and fruits, as well as prepared and frozen meals and our own “exclusive brand” products. The firm employs about 25,200 employees across the country at over 60 locations.

The company’s more than 250,000 customers include restaurants, hospitals, and other healthcare and hospitality facilities, as well as government and educational institutions. The corporation is headquartered in Rosemont, Illinois, and trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol USFD.

On June 24, 2015, a federal judge determined that Sysco-US Foods together will control 75% of the US foodservice market, suffocating competition, following Sysco’s $8.2 billion acquisition of US Foods in December 2013. Sysco’s merger with US Foods was called off on June 29th, 2015.

Several of the companies that comprise US Foods were founded in the late nineteenth century. Reid-Murdoch Co., founded in 1853 in Iowa to supply wagon trains traveling west, is one of Monarch Foods’ forerunners. Reid-Murdoch was a prominent advertiser of the comic strip Teenie Weenies.

John Sexton & Company, a Chicago-based retailer of tea and coffee, opened its doors in 1883. Hotels and restaurants were quickly identified as John Sexton’s primary clients. By 1887, Sexton had shuttered all four of his retail sites in Chicago in order to concentrate only on institutional clients.

Foods import from other countries

All national orders were shipped from Sexton’s Chicago warehouse via train or parcel post. Following 1924, Sexton’s electric and diesel truck fleets were used to convey commodities to Chicago. As early as 1930, Sexton abandoned the catalog mail-order business in favor of serving institutions across the country.

Food Brand Since 1922 With Chinese Character

The New York sales force relied on Sexton’s Brooklyn warehouse and truck fleet in 1933. By 1949, the John Sexton & Co. branch warehouses and truck fleets were operating, serving the Sexton national sales force in Atlanta and Chicago, as well as Dallas, Detroit, Long Island City, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. In 1962, John Sexton & Co. was listed on the Over-the-Counter Stock Market with $79 million in revenue and a $2 million profit.

John Sexton & Co.’s 1968 revenues of $90 million constituted 5% of the total institutional foodservice market. In 1968, Sexton had distribution centers and truck fleets throughout the country, as well as a regional sales force in cities like Atlanta and Boston that covered the vast majority of the country’s population. Chicago and Cincinnati are both located in the state of Ohio.

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