Federicos mexican food

Federicos mexican food

Skip the chips.

When you are at a Mexican restaurant, don’t eat the tortilla chips. The ones you get in restaurants are fried in lard, which is not good for a low cholesterol diet. Even eating a few can be bad for your diet.

  • Ask your server not to bring them to the table so you won’t be tempted.

Avoid dishes with cheese.

When eating out, stay away from dishes that contain large amounts of cheese. Don’t get a quesadilla or a cheese enchilada, which contain a lot of cheese. If you are ordering a dish that contains cheese, like a taco or burrito, ask for no cheese or for the cheese to be placed on the side.

  • Avoid dishes in heavy cheese sauces. Instead, go for dishes with no sauce or a tomato sauce.
  • Skip the queso dip. Eat salsa or guacamole instead.

Beware of salads.

When you eat out, be careful of ordering a salad. People often think that salads are always healthy because they are salads. Many salads you find in restaurants are full of unhealthy ingredients, like fried shells, fried meats, cheese and cheese sauces, and sour cream.

  • Read the ingredients of the salads very carefully. Ask for grilled meat instead of friend, and ask for no sour cream or cheese if possible. Don’t eat the tortilla, or as for it to be left out completely.

Ask for no refried beans.

When order a platter, ask that they do not add refried beans. Refried beans are cooked with lard, which is not good for a low cholesterol diet. Instead, ask for Spanish rice, whole beans, or skip the sides completely.

  • You may also want to ask for a bed of lettuce in place of rice or beans.

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