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There is a significant role of temptation when it comes to selecting junk food over traditional food because when you feel stressed, you desire for sweet junk food like cakes, brownies or chocolates. Fast food pleases typically the taste buds of several people. It is very easily accessible, and the only thing you require to do is to purchase the food, no preparation is needed, and you don’t have to hang around a lot of time to get your food. This type of food is ideal for people who don’t have free time due to the nature of their lifestyle. Some fast foods are healthy because they are made with very less fat and heaps of vegetables on them while others like Burgers, pizzas and French fries are high on fat that can be eaten in moderation. You can easily acquire the similar fast food each time you order it with the exact flavor of your choice.


Numerous fast food restaurants have reorganized their menus to add a healthier choice. Like, some of them are no longer making foods with Trans fat, while others have menu items that include various fruits and vegetables. It is very helpful to reference when making your mind to select a few meal options. It is also very effective if you have fast food more than once a week.


Traditional food is actually something that is being eaten for a long time. When it comes to conventional food, every country has its individual dishes and foodstuff. Pakistani culture also has various yummy meals that are becoming its uniqueness all around the world. Traditional food can be easily made by anyone using recipes from the internet. You can easily search a lot of recipes of a single dish made by various chefs, but selecting the right one can be difficult from a list of massive recipes if you have never tried them before.

We have discussed some of the well known Pakistani traditional food items to give you an idea about the local food of this country.

HaIwa puri,

which is a Punjabi dish, is famous all over the world for its delicious taste and eye-catching color. Halwa is actually a sweet dish that has Suji, flour, and sugar majorly; while Puri is prepared from gram-flour and then fried in the oil. The hot puri with change and halwa is such a breakfast that cannot be replaced by any other item. The fluffy and light puri is something that everyone can have from different cities of Pakistan.



is another traditional dish of this country. It is also known as spicy rice. The main ingredient of this dish includes rice, meat, and spices. In this dish, the meat and rice are cooked individually before being layered and cooked collectively. This dish has a lot of variety according to the specific regions like Sindhi biryani is renowned all over Sindh for its spicy flavor whereas Karachi biryani has its significance in Karachi city.



is also a unique traditional dish of Pakistan. It is a famous dish from the Mughal era. In this dish, meat is mixed with yogurt or cream to make different styles of korma. The flavor of a korma depends a lot on the mixture of spices, including ground coriander and cumin, added with yogurt kept under specific heat and incorporated slowly with the meat juice.

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