Estia Greek food street

Greek street food

 is wealthy in aromas, flavors, and influences and it’s been entitled one among the world’s hale and hearty cuisines. No wonder Greece is known to be a hub for foodies. The rich taste of the Greek cookery is to be savored at each bite. It takes you on a sensational journey back in time to the land of Ancient Greek gods and heroes who once created the delicious recipes that we tend to rejoice these days. An early version of a cookery book was apparently written by Archestratus in 350 B.C. The Ancient Greek cookery has been formed by the country’s wealthy and disruptive past, the various victories and influences over the centuries resulted during a vivacious fusion of ingredients and tastes.

The Estia Greek food incorporates traces of each the East and West. Foods like yogurt, nuts, sesame seeds, and rice were at first introduced by the Persians. Ingredients like sauces and pasta were being introduced to the cooking scene after the Roman invasion. With the conquest of the ‘Arabs’, spices began to rule the kitchens and several of those, like cumin, cinnamon, and cloves are still commonly utilized in the preparation of dishes till at the present time. The cooking heritage of the empire supplemental freshness, variety, and refinement to the Greek preparation, as a result, a number of the ‘Greek and Turkish’ dishes are virtually identical each in preparation and style.


The basic sweet chomps are one of the features of Estia Greek food. Usually alluded to as the Greek doughnuts these mixture balls are served newly broiled, absorbed nectar, sprinkled with cinnamon and walnuts. In Greece, it is a part of their daily menu, as it is served regularly after meal or family dinner. In spite of the fact that they are served all around the year, Loukoumades are extraordinary amid the winter months. The advanced form of Loukoumades can be delighted in finished with generous layers of chocolate Nutella and frozen yogurt as an afterthought. There are many options to choose your favorite toppings like chocolate, chopped almonds, honey syrup, and cinnamon.

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