Dog Food Storage Cabinet

DIY Dog Food Station

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Do you want to make a DIY dog food station to store all of your dog supplies and food in one organized place? In this post, I’ll show you how we made our own dog food cabinet!

We just finished building this dog food station and it is so nice to have everything tucked away and organized! I’ll show you how we made ours, so you can make one, too!

I love how it looks like a piece of furniture, but it is so practical and useful.

Update: Over two years later, and I still love this dog food station so much! It has worked out so well to store all of our dog food, treats, toys, and keep everything out of sight.

Dog Food Storage Cabinet

The top is so nice to use for storage in our entry way area, too!

I hope you love it as much as we do!

It was a mess and not very pretty to look at.

I knew I wanted a cabinet to hold all of our dog supplies, but I couldn’t find anything that would work perfectly for our needs and our space. The cabinets that I did find for this purpose were way out of our price range.

So, I knew we were going to have to DIY this one, like most everything in our home. Making things ourselves helps us to get exactly what we want and save a lot of money!

This project did take some time, as we wanted it to be built well and look great. But, it turned out exactly how I imagined it and I’m so happy with the outcome!

I’ll show you the step by step process of making our DIY dog food station, in case you want to make one, too!

*Note: This was kind of a “figure it out as you go” kind of build. So, I do not have exact measurements of each piece of wood and step.

I will provide the list of materials we used, and the overall measurements with pictures of each step.

That way, you can gather similar materials and make a plan that will best suit your space and needs.

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