Disadvantages of watches

Disadvantages of watches

Limited battery life

This is a number one con for a smartwatch. Smartwatches typically can be used 1-2 days after a full charge and some watches not even last for a day. Watches are something you wear everyday and if you forget to charge it by end of the day, you will end up having a dead watch next day morning. This also prevents you to do sleep tracking as the battery is low and you have to charge it before using it.

Inaccurate data

Even though smartwatches are able to provide you tonnes of data regarding your exercise and fitness, many smartwatch tests shows that the data is not 100% accurate and not even 80% sometimes. The steps calculator and heart rate sensors are not known for accuracy in a smartwatch. Hopefully the brands are working on imporving the sensor feedback and analyzing the data.

Very small screen

As we get a lot of notifications everyday, we might feel that everything is cluttered in a small space of a smartwatch display. But as it a watch and to be wear, we cant do much about it. But watching movies and navigation may become an extra effort for your eyes and better don’t use these features if you have eye problems.

Not a necessary gadget

Even if smartwatches are making your life easy, you can definitely live without it. It is not a must have accessory. It is not something which you have to go back and get if you forgot to take it. Also smartwatches works in sync with smartphones and it can never replace a mobile phone.

Gets outdated easily

We already know about smartphones. How long will you use a smartphone?. Not more that two years I guess. But most of you would not like to spend a large money in smartwatches. These gadgets runs on android and and similar OS which are upgraded frequently. So if you buy a smartwatch now, probably it would be outdated from an year from now or two.


A decent smartwatch like Motorola 360 or Samsung gear will cost around 20k-30k (INR) which is a big deal considering the chances that you will buy a new one in the coming years and the value it offers for the money.

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