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Have you ever just started a diet only to be met with an invitation to a must-attend dinner party that includes a menu full of foods other than YOUR diet foods? Dieting is not always easy, and there will always be food temptations around the corner. Here are three scenarios that will tempt you to divert from your dieting goals and some solutions to help you stay on the right path.Cake, Donuts, Pizza and More in the Office Breakroom

  • Avoid the breakroom like the plague
  • Enlist a coworker to help keep you on track
  • Keep healthy snacks such as granola bars, nuts, or fresh fruit (like a banana) in your desk drawers for moments when snack attacks hit
  • Ask a friend if they would be willing to split an entree
  • If side options such as steamed vegetables or buttery mashed potatoes are available, you should always choose the healthier side option
  • Instead of cream-based soups, order broth-based soups
  • Look for menu items that have been prepared using a more healthy cooking method such as broiled, grilled, or steamed, instead of, say, fried
  • Share dessert
  • When ordering a salad, ask that the dressing be served on the side
  • If you’re really hungry, you should go ahead and prepare a healthy dinner
  • If you’re not too, too hungry, cut your portion sizes or skip on the starch portion of the meal
  • If you cook and eat your already planned meal, you can up your workout time by 15 minutes


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