Control your phone usage .

Control your phone usage

It’s easy to let your phone take over your life. People use their phones these days to do anything that makes you feel like you’re surrounded by technology.  There are many ways to reduce cell phone usage. This can help you set your phone to a specific time of day and limit its use to devices like alarm clocks. If you have kids or teens, make clear rules about when and how they use their phones. If you’re concerned about data, you can make small changes to your phone usage.

Track how often you use your phone.

The first step to reducing your phone use is to be honest with yourself about how much time you spend on your phone. Once you know how often you talk on the phone, you can decide how much you want to cut back. You can track your phone usage by manually recording your time in a small notebook. You can also use the Phone app to see how often you’re talking on the phone. [2]
Apps like Quality Time and Moment can be used to track phone usage. They tell you when you use your phone on any given day.
Once you know how much you use your phone, decide how much you want to reduce. Say you use your phone for three hours a day and want to cut that time in half. For the next few days, you can try using your phone for just 90 minutes.
You can also set a timer on your phone to limit sessions. [3]

Turn off notifications. Many phone apps come with notifications, so you can get lost on your phone. [4] For example, when someone communicates with you on Facebook or in your tweets. If someone likes you, you will be notified. This will force you to check these sites, which can lead to blind browsing. [5]
Most new apps will ask you if you want to allow notifications the first time you install them. You have to get used to saying no.
Turn off notifications in existing apps. It’s easy not to check Facebook if you don’t get notifications of new messages in your inbox.

Use a real alarm clock on your phone.

Many people use their cell phones as alarm clocks. This allows you to check Facebook, email and other websites first thing in the morning. To reduce this temptation, choose a real alarm clock. So your phone isn’t the first thing you do in the morning. [6]
Make an effort to get your phone out of the bedroom. So you have a place at home without a phone. It can also help you fall asleep, as the light from your phone screen can disrupt your sleep cycle.
Block time to reply to messages. The fact is that the phone is required. You can’t stop using your phone entirely, especially when you rely on it for work. Try setting bounce times for things like emails and text messages. This way, you won’t be tied to your phone all day long, and you’ll be sure to reply to messages on time.
It’s important to find a time that works for you. Look for free time or gaps in your schedule with less work. For example, you can set aside an hour each morning after breakfast to answer messages on your phone.

Turn off your phone at a certain time every day

. It’s important to take some time when your phone is completely off. If your phone is there, you might want to pick it up and visit Facebook. Set a time each day to turn off your phone and disconnect.
Doing this before bed can be especially helpful. This will help you wake up and relax.
Check your phone settings to see if you can program your phone to 0.6.
Designate a low-traffic area for the charging station. Instead of charging your phone in whatever room you’re in, charge it in a room that’s rarely used. So instead of a kitchen or living room, you can turn your home office into a charging station. This will give you some downtime while your phone is charging.

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