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Whether it is your office’s annual Cinco de Mayo celebration or just Taco Tuesday, strictly avoiding Castañedas Mexican food cuisine while on your diet may not be sustainable for the long term. While Mexican food is not typically associated with weight loss, if you take control of your menu choices you can find some excellent healthy options.

Healthy Menu Choices at Mexican Restaurants

While eating out at a Castañedas Mexican restaurant, examine the menu to identify the healthiest choices. Look for veggie laden meals with lean cuts of chicken or fish. Some good choices are:

  • Salsa (with fresh tomatoes, onions, and garlic)
  • Ceviche (with fresh fish)
  • Fish Veracruz
  • Chicken Entrees (such as Burritos, Tostadas & Enchiladas)
  • Black Beans (without sour cream)
  • Fajitas (with chicken or seafood and lots of vegetables)
  • Baked Tamales

Menu Items to Avoid

Some of the deliciousness that we associate with Mexican cuisine comes from its heavy use of high-calorie ingredients such as cheese and sour cream. Even flour tortillas can quickly add carbs and calories to our meals. Some items to avoid or use in moderation include:

  • Tortillas Chips
  • Flour or Corn Tortillas
  • Condiments (such as sour cream, cheese, and guacamole)
  • Cream or Cheese Sauces on Enchiladas
  • Refried Beans (ask for black beans)

While these items are diet wreckers in large amounts, strictly controlling your portions can allow you to enjoy some of these favorites. The avocado in guacamole is extremely high in calories but is also loaded with healthy fats. Instead of slathering your tacos with the delicious, green condiment, enjoy a teaspoon or two on one taco and enjoy the rest with salsa instead. Take just a few chips from the basket to enjoy with your salsa and then pass it down the table.


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