Camarillo Food

Camarillo Food

Camarillo is a city in the heart of Southern California that’s known just as much for its culture and restaurant scene as it is for its beautiful weather and fantastic real estate opportunities. Most properties in the city are within walking distance of the downtown section of Camarillo food, which is a wonderful destination that boasts a large number of popular shopping, local vineyards, outdoor activities and entertainment venues. While you’re spending time in downtown Camarillo, you’ll notice that there are a variety of restaurants around every street corner for you and your family to enjoy. These restaurants offer all types of cuisines and range from luxurious upscale eateries to comfortable cafes where you can eat lunch while enjoying the local atmosphere and Southern California scenery.

The following list is a close look at the 3 best restaurants found in Downtown Camarillo!

 Institution Ale

Institution Ale is a cozy craft brewery in downtown Camarillo that offers a variety of unique and delicious local ales that are created on site. During your visit, you’ll be able to sample some of their ales within the tasting room or take a tour of their brewing facilities. Along with their fantastic selection of ales, they also specialize in soft pretzels and flatbread pizzas. Both the indoor and outdoor seating areas are considered to be great places to eat.

When dining inside, you’ll have access to five separate television sets that are situated conveniently throughout the dining area, all of which are great for watching a football or basketball game with your friends. The outdoor dining area offers wonderful views of the nearby mountains as well as a cozy fire pit that adds to the ambiance. Local favorites for their pizza selection include the carne asada and margherita varieties.

Hector’s Mexican Food

Hector’s Mexican Food is a casual Mexican restaurant with a focus on fresh Mexican food and a simple menu. When you stop by Hector’s Mexican Food, you’ll be presented with large plate sizes that are practically overflowing with food. They offer a variety of quesadillas, tacos, burritos, and tortillas for you to select from, all of which can be made with such meats as steak, chicken, marinated pork, shredded pork, and chile verde.

The super burrito with carne asada is considered to be a favorite among locals. When you visit, expect a laid back atmosphere as well as staff members who are very friendly and attentive to your needs throughout your dining experience.

Relm Camarillo Wine & Beer Bistro

The Relm Camarillo Wine & Beer Bistro is an upscale eatery that specializes in providing visitors with a wide range of wine and beer selection to taste. Their menu is filled with small plates with an emphasis on variety. Their lunch and dinner menus are completely different, which can provide you with distinct experiences depending on when you visit. Their chicken pesto on ciabatta and pulled pork on bolillo sandwiches are considered to be favorites among the locals.


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