Bulldawg Food

English Bulldog Homemade Dog Food Risks

Here are some potential risks of cooking for your English Bulldog. You need to internalize them to avoid making the mistakes below.

  • Not understanding the nutritional needs of your English Bulldog
  • Using inadequate or dangerous recipes
  • Not preparing a balanced meal
  • Using unsafe or harmful ingredients
  • Not understanding the impact of bulldawg food and dietary changes
  • Not understanding your dog’s life stages (puppies, adults & senior) nutritional needs
  • Neglecting your dog’s health conditions

Did you know a study conducted by the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary found that most homemade dog food recipes are lacking key essential nutrients, and other recipes used dangerously high levels of some nutrients?

Further research published in The Journal of Nutritional Science concluded 48% of dog homemade diets had an imprecise determination of ingredients and quantities and that 71.3 % of dog owners did know how much food to serve per meal. What’s more alarming is that 30.4% of the pet parents admitted to purposely changing the recipe, 40% of owners didn’t measure the proportions of the ingredients well enough, and 28.3% didn’t use any of the recommended vitamins, minerals, or amino acid9.

For these reasons, it’s recommended to speak with a veterinary nutritionist. He or she should be able to provide you with trusted recipes, guide you on your English Bulldog’s nutritional needs, and/or recommend a homemade bulldawg food delivery service.

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